Xpenses is Your New Online Expenses tracking
  • Savings focused
  • Check your incomes and expenses at one glance.
  • Incomes, Expenses and Savings prediction, check you past present and future money with a click.
  • Multiple currencies, manage your money in multiple currencies.
  • Shared wallets, couples and families can manage their finances together.
  • Mobile, web and desktop compatibility.
  • Monthly reports emailed to you
  • Unlimited expenses, incomes or bank accounts
  • Data privacy
  • A simple and powerfull app
  • No setup or hidden fees
Save Money, Save Time
How Xpenses Works
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Pricing & Plans

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Xpenses yearly subscription

$8.25* MONTHLY $99 yearly

Xpenses monthly subscription

$14.99* monthly
  • No setup or hidden fees
  • Unlimited expenses
  • Monthly reports emailed to you
  • A simple and powerfull app
  • Data privacy
  • Public/Private Status page
*USD plus tax where applicable
What Xpenses customers says!

I found Xpenses to be incredibly user-friendly and effective.

Xpenses has not only helped me manage my limited budget better but also educated me on financial planning.
I'm genuinely impressed and would highly recommend it to students who need a simple yet powerful tool to manage their finances.
Jordan, Graduate Student
2 years using Xpenses

Xpenses has been a game-changer for me.

As a busy marketing manager, I've always struggled with keeping tabs on my finances.
Its intuitive interface made it super easy to track my daily expenses and income.
I've become more mindful of my spending and have started to build a healthy savings account. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking to get their finances on track effortlessly.
Sarah, Marketing Manager
1 year using Xpenses

What I appreciate the most is the peace of mind Xpenses brings.

Being a freelancer, my income can be quite irregular, which makes financial planning challenging.
Xpenses has been a lifesaver for me. It gives me a clear picture of where my money goes each month.
I'm no longer stressed about overspending or under-saving. It's an essential tool for anyone with an irregular income who wants to stay financially healthy.
Alex, Freelance Photographer
Using Xpenses since 2018